Many ask the reason for the different colours of Welsh slate.

The colour of a natural slate is derived from its chemical and mineral compositionThe purple from hematitis the reds from hematite and iron oxide the greys and blacks from carbon.

The most famous slate from Wales is “Bangor Blue” which comes from the Penrhyn Quarry in Bethesda and has been used for roofing for centuries across the world and on numerous prestigious buildings such as Buckingham Palace and Royal Exhibition Centre in Melbourne Australia.

Although known as “Bangor Blue” its colour is in fact heather and this often causes confusion!!

Welsh slate is recognized as the best slate in the world and is still available for roofing, architectural and landscape purposes.

Inigo Jones offers an informative self guided tour of its works which includes geological, historical, calligraphy and letter cutting exhibitions which can be booked online.

The audio is available in Welsh and English as well as the following foreign languages French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese to ensure foreign international visitors get a full understanding and experience.

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