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Slate Thermometer Hanging Daffodil (9708)
Slate Thermometer Hanging Daffodil (9708)
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Slate Honing/Sharpening Stone (62)
Slate Honing/Sharpening Stone (62)
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Slate Plant Markers (57)
Slate Plant Markers (57)
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Inigo Jones Slate Works has been prefabricating various slate products since 1861.

The company produces a wide range of products from 500 million year old natural Welsh slate.

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Latest News Article
Honing Stones; A Speciality product made by Inigo Jones 04/03/2019
Honing Stones; A Speciality product made by Inigo Jones
Inigo Jones are proud to have been producing slate craft products for numerous years. A particular few have stood the test of time and changing fashions, confirming that Welsh Slate is a versatile material still worthy of a place in our homes today.

Inigo Jones have also been producing a specialist product for a number of years from fine Welsh Slate, that is shipped the world over, yet the general public might not be aware of.
Dragon's Tongue Whetstones made from Welsh Slate is a finishing stone for sharpening tool blades, scythes, and razors, - the perfect stone, complimenting another enduring practice.

Recently we received a sterling review from a customer who's experience of using such equipment resonated in his review of our Dragon's Tongue Slate Whetstone. A taste of his fuller review can be read below. Our customer also noted that all of his honing is done with pure water, ending under slowing running water.

"I would say your stone i very close to a comparable stone called 'Yellow Lake', edging into the 15000 territory.

It is a very good hone, definitely comparable to a coticule, just not a true finishing stone. It does show some signs it might go further with some prep-work.

I can fully recommend it as a kitchen knife hone, fully finishing, but for a straight razor a next to last step.

The coticule in my eyes has one advantage, it can, thanks to the slurry, go from full bevel set all the way to a near finish, no slurry in this case mean it has to rely on a bevel setter and a bevel cleaner, for instance a 'Blue Belgian'. It works extremely well with a 'Thuringian', which is a very good finisher, only, like i said earlier, missing a slurry stone."

If you would like to learn more about how Inigo Jones prepares such products take a look at the following video clip, where our craftsman Roger, is working on a special commissioned hone;
Creating a Custom Honing Stone.

If you would like to purchase a Dragon's Tongue for your self see here.

The following are a couple of interesting and useful forums on the subject:

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