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Gwynant Clock. Black Face (890)
Gwynant Clock. Black Face (890)
£42.95 + P & P

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Slate Placemats (set of 6) 12" x 9"/30.5cm x 22.5cm(81)
Slate Placemats (set of 6) 12
£47.70 + P & P

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Slate Plant Markers (57)
Slate Plant Markers (57)
£9.90 + P & P

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Inigo Jones Slate Works has been prefabricating various slate products since 1861.

The company produces a wide range of products from 500 million year old natural Welsh slate.

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Latest News Article
Slate bases for 1831 Model Loco engine 27/09/2016
Slate bases for 1831 Model Loco engine
A recent interesting commission for Inigo Jones was for some small slate bases supplied to Bob Branson, to mount a 3 1/2" gauge model of the "1831" locomotive engine which was exhibited at the 2016 Model Engineer Exhibition.

The LMS Railway Company were always seeking more economical and cost effective methods of performing their business, in particular regarding traction power. They had experimented with small diesel powered shunters up to 150 HP but wanted to experiment with an alternative power system other than steam.

In 1932 Steam locomotive No.1831 which had been built in 1891 was converted into a 400 HP diesel hydraulic powered shunter. It was the very first British diesel powered shunter having significantly greater power than an equivalent sized steam locomotive. Unfortunately, it was not a success for a variety reasons.

During WW2, a highly respected model engineer, Edgar T Westbury,designed a 3 ½” gauge (1/16 scale) model of the LMS “1831” Locomotive powered by a 30 cc, two cylinder, four stroke petrol engine. The project was described in the Model Engineer magazine from January 1941 to July 1943 in fortnightly instalments.Several were started but very few completed examples exist today.

The power unit and cooler which had been built by Peter Spenlove-Spenlove in 1943, were found incomplete and in pieces in the attic of the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers in Brixton, South London last Christmas. Some flaws were evident in the cylinder head casting, nevertheless, it was decided to try to complete the engine as a working exhibit.

This has been achieved by Bob Branson and the engine runs nicely although it will never be fitted to a working chassis. It has been mounted on “Inigo Jones” slate bases which set off the exhibit nicely and provide significant damping mass when the engine is running.

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