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About Inigo Jones and Privacy Policy

Adeilad Inigo Jones

The Slate Work Shops and Showroom are open every day of the year, including weekends, (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day) from 9am to 5pm. Dog friendly.

The cafe is also open every day as above but from 8am to 5pm. The last self guided tour is at 4pm.

Inigo Jones Slate Works was founded in 1861 primarily to prefabricate school writing slates, when school writing slates were replaced by paper, the company had to find new products. The owner at the time, Hugh Jones, started producing electrical panels in slate. These proved to be very popular and the company rapidly expanded, sourcing its slate from the whole of North Wales.

The slate was enamelled and this was a slow, laborious process as the slate had to be baked in ovens for over 48 hours. Thousands of electrical slate panels were produced at Inigo Jones Tudor Slate Works. The world famous Queen Mary, Mauritania and the Queen Elizabeth luxury liners all had panels from these works. The original slate panels supplied to the Queen Mary can still be seen in Long Beach, California where the liner is now a tourist attraction.

As cheaper man-made products replaced slate for electrical panels, the company diversified into slate fireplaces, the majority of these fireplaces were enamelled and many of them also included hand painted local scenes. An original fireplace supplied in the late 19th century is currently on display as part the company's self guided tour.

Over the years the company has supplied slate memorials and it still continues to do so. Technology has moved on however, and letters are now either machine cut or sand blasted as this is far quicker than the traditional hand letter cutting.

More recently the company has supplied more slate for domestic use and these include such things as flooring, kitchen work tops and hearths. Also for the home, craft products have proved popular and these include such things as wall plaques, clocks, lamps, wine racks, place mats and mirrors. The company's newest product is slate speakers and slate speaker stands and the latter especially have proved very popular as they can be made to order for any type of speaker and considerably improve the sound quality.

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The European Unionís General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is now law and so we need to clearly clarify and update our companyís privacy policy. Inigo Jones prefabricates slate products as well as being a tourist attraction and has been established on its existing site since 1861. The maximum information we hold on our customers is as follows :- 1. Name 2. Company if relevant 3. Address 4. Email address 5. Telephone number 6. Details of their purchase from ourselves We do not hold any information on credit cards as payments online are processed by a third party company namely Secure Trading Limited. Their privacy policy can be found at We use Intuitís Quickbooks cloud accounting system where we hold the information above on any customers who have purchased from this company. Their privacy policy can be found on We hold a database on Mailchimp which we only use for our own purposes and would never disclose to a third party. Twice a year in November and July we send out news information and offers to those on this database and customers have the option to opt out from any future communication from this company if they so desire. Mailchimpís privacy policy can be found on :- If you have any issues or concerns regarding Inigo Jonesí privacy policy please email

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Tel: 01286 830242
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